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One Room Challenge: Week 8 - The Final Look

Here it is the final look and I am so pleased with how it turned out...

Before I dive into the thick of the reveal, I want to talk about what it was that inspired me to finish our main bedroom. It was four years ago that we moved into our house and I was very eager to make it a home. I bought the bed, the light, the nightstands and dresser. If I was baker I would say I had all the ingredients for what I thought would be the “perfect” space, but here is what I learned...

A furnished space does not translate into a finished space. For me a finished space is thoughtful, harmonious and ignites an emotion. This can be a great place to start thinking about your design. Ask yourself, how do I want to feel when I walk into this space? For me, I wanted to feel relaxed and slightly transported to the stunningly minimal villas in Greece my husband and I visited while on our honeymoon.

So lets take a look at what the room looked like before we started. (I should note this is the bedroom when we first moved in), I didn’t have a ton of photos of the space with our old furniture. I will tell you though if you are in a position to sell your gently used pieces they can add up! A big portion of my budget came from the money I made selling our old furniture.

The room was missing some personality. I love a blank canvas but this just felt like a big rectangle begging for some visual interest. So we added a long ledge wall, that unintentionally ended up serving as our headboard. It’s funny how plans can change...I would recommend being open to new ideas as the process unfolds, you would be surprised how things can just work themselves out sometimes.

The entire room got a fresh coat of paint in Sherwin Williams Alabaster White. This paint has steadily held the number one spot for clean, not too warm not too bright white paints! For what it’s worth it has my backing.

I knew what kind of nightstand I wanted but wasn’t able to find them anywhere for purchase. Enter the ikea DIY! I designed these doors to be seamless and minimal, my hope was that they would work in any space I created down the road. I also DIY’D these hanging pots! I shared about them in a previous post.

Texture and tones were a big one for me. I am a firm believer in creating harmony through the use of textures. If you are going to play into a minimalist vibe, don’t skip on texture it creates layers of interest and warmth. For me we brought in texture in our light fixture, our jute rug, and the linen bedding.

I have loved this seasons ORC it pushed me and encouraged me on a whole new level. Remember you design for yourself, not every space will please everyone but that’s really what makes design so interesting. Create for yourself and the rest will fall in place. Thank you for following along and reading these posts. I am admittedly still very new to the scene but every time I get a notice that someone new has subscribed I do a little happy dance. I will share + link all the resources below!

Rug: Ikea

Night stands: Ikea

Bed Frame:


Pendant Lights:

Frames: Ikea




Mirror: Homesene

Olive Green Pillows: Homesense

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