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Week 4 - One Room Challenge

We officially have our wall tile... and while this may seem like a small success in the midst of a lockdown it feels like a win. Full disclosure, this particular round of the ORC has ebbed and flowed for me. Maybe it is a reflection of how I‘ve felt but I have lived somewhere between motivated and throwing in the towel. I know when it is all completed it will be totally worth it.

Okay enough of my design woes, lets talk tiles. I have these in a cream in my kitchen and I am so in love with them.

Zellige tiles are becoming increasingly popular for the handcrafted Moroccan vibe they can bring to a space. My intention with the grout was to have it a little darker so this view may change in the upcoming weeks but If you’ve ever worked with dark grout you’ll know its a mess to clean but so worth it in the end. With this particular tile you can get away without using a spacer while installing, which saves a ton of time and patience! I am looking forward to how this room is coming together. Make sure to check out all the other designers and participants sharing in this seasons One Room Challenge.

#oneroomchallenge #bhgorc #blacktile #zelligetile @oneroomchallenge

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