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Guess what’s back, back again....

I cannot believe it is week 1 of the Spring 2021 ORC. RecentlyI have found myself drawn to moody, colorful spaces and thought I would try my hand at something a little outside of my comfort zone. But I am dipping my toe in slowly and starting with my powder room.

The bathroom right now works, but it doesn’t speak to my design heart. The space is currently a well matched set of tiles, flooring and a vanity all originally purchased for different spaces. I don’t want to break the bank over the next eight weeks, so I am also looking to do this on a budget. I plan to share a complete budget break down at the end of the challenge. But I will share this, sales, coupon codes and spray paint will be my friends throughout this makeover. Check out the mood board I put together...

Okay, so here is the plan. Replace flooring, add a black zellige tile feature wall and a colorful corner gallery wall. Well, that’s all from me until next week! Let the demo begin.

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