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One Room Challenge: Week 6 Accent Ledge

You may have noticed that I skipped my week 5 post, this was intentional. The One Room Challenge decided to take pause and I am so grateful for this. It allowed us to learn, listen, unlearn and grow. I was introduced to many amazing, talented designers, educators, influencers and bloggers over this week. My husband and I also had some amazing conversations about our roles and responsibilities as parents. This conversation is something that will continue to live within my home!

While the design community took pause to amplify more important voices, so to did my design plans. My energy was focused elsewhere so if I am being honest I made little gains in my room. I am happy to share with you that my online orders are coming in, my ikea glowup is underway and the accent ledge is nearly completed. I had grand plans of doing some DIY concrete lampshades, which I haven't entirely given up on but those will come at a later time. This ledge is a thing of beauty, it runs the entire length of my bedroom and I think it may also double as my headboard. I have two weeks to make my final decisions! Gah, I cannot wait.

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