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One Room Challenge: Week 4 - The Power of Paint

This week marked our halfway point in the One Room Challenge and I will just be over here pretending that I am not totally behind schedule. This weeks plan was to give the room a fresh coat of paint. I have always championed the power of paint and this week only confirmed that. Why reinvent the wheel when Leanne Ford said it best "Wear black, Paint white + Drink Red". Our bedroom is getting a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Alabaster White. It is a warmer white and with our natural light its made the space feel bright and warm and completely open.

I believe sampling paints in your home will give you the truest feel for the perfect shade. So buy the sample can, paint a swatch and see the colour throughout the day in varying lights. In my humble opinion here are some of my favourite whites.

Neutral White

Benjamin Moore: Simply White

Benjamin Moore: Chantilly Lace

Warm White

Sherwin Williams: Alabaster White

Benjamin Moore: Cotton Balls

Cool White

Benjamin Moore: Decorators White

Sherwin Williams: Pure White

Thanks for reading along..grab that paint brush and get to painting.

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