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Have I told you just how much I love a mood board? Well I do! Overall I find them to be one of the best visual representations of my thoughts. They allow me to start creating and imagining what a space could be. Colours, textures, patterns and plans all start to come to mind. Here is what I have planned for my Master Bedroom. I call it my neutral nirvana...

So the plan... Firstly I will be shopping my home for a few pieces and giving them new life! Secondly the room is going to get a fresh coat of a paint, a new ledge wall, new lighting, ikea upcycled night stands, new headboard and a new window treatment. My overall hope for the room is to create a space that is relaxing and calming with hints of industrial warmth. With a neutral colour palette I hope to trick my mind to thinking its on a summer vacation. Stay tuned and following along with all the other designers and DIY'ers creating beautiful spaces over the next 6 weeks. #oneroomchallenge #betterhomesandgardens #moodboard #neutralspace #oneroomchallenge #Betterhomesandgardens #masterbedroom #designinspo #bhgorc @oneroomchallenge @betterhomesandgardens

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