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Bright Ideas: Timeless Fixtures for everyone’s Budget

Let’s talk lighting... Good lighting can really transform and bring a space together. It combines both beauty and function and depending where your lighting is placed it can help to highlight any architectural details, special features or artwork in your home. I’ve recently started updating the lighting throughout my home and I am amazed at how much each room has been elevated! There is a TON of beautiful lighting options out there, but I thought I would share a handful of my favourites. I have broken them down by price for your convenience. I am currently working on some bathroom renovations, so a lot of my motivation behind these lights were done with that in mind. But I do believe a timeless fixture can live anywhere in your home. I hope you enjoy & find something for your home.

How timeless + beautiful are all these pieces... I hope this shows you that you do not have to break that bank to curate a timeless lighting collection. I believe if you are using lighting to accent art or an architectural feature, spend less on the light and more on the art! I would recommend moving into the $100 + bracket if you want your lighting to speak for itself. That said each of these under $100 lights are also showstoppers in their own right!

You will be pleased to know that most of the above fixtures fall under the $150.00 price mark. I think most people would be hard pressed to guess which light belongs in the over or under category, further proof that beautiful lighting can be achieved within a budget. If your budget allows for it take a look below for lighting that comes in over $200.00. These fixtures all make a statement and can be used in a minimally decorated space to speak for themselves.

I really feel like I could go on and on, keeping each category under 9 was a test in my self-restraint, so hopefully you feel inspired and found something you like. Thank you for following along.

*Bonus Tip* - For my own home, I will often spray a light fixture to change the colour to best suit the space. Why should you have to be restricted to the manufacture’s choice in colour?!

All links can be found below.

UNDER $100.00

UNDER $200.00

UNDER $300.00

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