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A Neutral Decor Lovers Must Have, Love Ikea.

Okay lets talk IKEA! I refuse to believe that you cannot create a lux look on a budget and in my opinion ikea is the perfect place to start. Ikea also has some key pieces that have been instafamous for their up cycling capabilities. If you are a fan of neutral furniture and decor but aren’t sure where to start then IKEA’s Scandinavia style has got you covered. Here are a few of my personal favourties.

These three pieces are what I like to refer to us the champions of transition! I promise you they work in almost any space. They land on the pricer side of ikea’s inventory but still keep you under some of those big box stores we all love.

Lets play a game of High and Low.... One of these chairs costs $229.00, one costs $750.00 and the other is $4000.00. Can you pick them out?

Here is why I love Ikea, you can often find a dupe or a DIY version of that high end piece you’ve been eyeing. Now don’t get me wrong if you have the budget or have saved for that big ticket item then you treat yourself!! But if you are working on a budget but have caviar taste then you may be able to create the feel without breaking the bank. Curious how you fared in the quiz, you can find the answers at the end of my blog.

Here are a few more pieces that can be used in almost any space. Remember start with one piece you love and slowly build around that. Rome wasn’t built in a day right? All these pieces will allow you to functionally build around them with whatever accent colors you love.

Lastly I want to share some of my favorite decor items! I have to admit I almost always leave Ikea with one thing in hand and its usually one of these pieces.

Before I go remember those chairs? Check out the price tag on each.

CB2 - $750.00 IKEA - $229.00 Restoration Hardware - $4195

I have linked all the items below listed throughout the blog.

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